Orthodontic Treatment

Best Orthodontic Treatment in Boca Raton

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Orthodontic, as the name suggests: Ortho meaning Right, and Dontus meaning tooth. Orthodontic treatment has been referred to as treating the incorrectly positioned teeth to improve their function and appearance. Treatment is based on the tooth movements which bring them in correct alignment. This treatment also helps evenly distribute the biting forces which are good for the overall health of the teeth and gums.

When does one need Orthodontic treatment?

Many people have incorrectly placed teeth or crooked teeth. Because of this improper alignment, they do not contact uniformly which as a result exerts pressure on the jaw muscles which causes pain in the joint and occasional headache too. Also, the appearence of the patient is majorly affected by the teeth alignement. Keeping all these factors in mind, one should get an orthodontic treatmennt done to address such issues.

How long does it take?

Orthodontic treatments cause tooth movements that have to slow and gradual. These treatments last for about 10-12 months depending on the severity of the case. Standard xrays are needed before the commencement of the treatment at the best clinic for orthodontic in Boca Raton.

Why choose us?

Here at Polo Dental we understand how important it is to choose the right orthodontist for you or your child. We take pride in the high standard of orthodontic care we provide for our patients in a comfortable and relaxing environment you can trust. 

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