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Minimally Invasive

We Pride Ourselves On Providing Treatments That Are Minimally Invasive, Which Means That Preserving The Healthy Structure Of Your Teeth Is Always One Of Our Top Priorities. We’ll Always Look For Signs Of Tooth Decay So That We Can Treat Your Teeth As Soon As Possible.

Coupons and what you will get.

Here at Polo Dental, we got you covered with our coupons. Just present the coupons prior to service.

Disclaimer: Free cleanings are for patients that do not have periodontal disease, Have healthy gums.

Your Smile matters.

$1999 implant and crown with no hidden fees. Crown, Implant, and Abutment are included with no hidden charges. Making top-quality dentistry affordable.

What’s Included:
Dental Implant and Crown for only $1,999! 
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